Mallorie gor her first camera when she was ten. From then on, she has been chronicling the world around her. She began by photographying people, but her love of the landscape has expanded her focus; She now combines design problems that interested her as a painter and uses a camera, instead of brushes, and the world around her as the canvas.

Mallorie was born and grew up in NYC benefiting from the richness of the New York art scene. She studied art at the City University of New York and has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Queens College and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Herbert Lehman College.

"My work focuses on the intimate landscape; I get close in, often within inches of the subject. in order to see thesubtleties of the design of the particualr earth of building surgace. For me, the landscape is oten a vhicle to create an abstraction by finding the dominant design element in each surface and using that element to create the composition.

For me, photography is not a literal traslation of our world, but tather, a means of interpretation. When I slow down and take the time to look closely at ordinary objects, I am in awe of all the design possibilites; I'm always on the lookout of the interplay of line and form, form and color, color and tecture. I see endless possibilites in both the natural world and in urband settings to create dynamic compositions that speak to art as well as reality."

FULL RESUME CAN BE FOUND AT: www.mallorieostrowitz.net